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Joshua Guthrie
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31st-Mar-2008 03:00 pm - Writer's Block: Sick Day
Jay- Scowl
What is your favorite thing about being sick?

All the puking makes my eyes a pretty shade of red
8th-Apr-2007 05:06 pm - Bad Idea
Jay -hellion
I knew coming to this school was a bad Idea. Real bad.
I'm only here for the afternoon and pow the sun goes on sabbatical.
And then joy of joy, We get told it's a friend of the X-men fault. I want a normal life. I want to be in love with Julia, marry have children. No mutants. No hateful parents No loosing the sun! Is it really that much to ask?
But here I am. In the darkness once again. At least everyone else is here too.
8th-Apr-2007 05:04 pm - RESTART
Jay -flying


18th-May-2006 07:30 pm(no subject)
Jay- Scowl
Jay sat on the top of the climbing frame, watching the coming and going of the people. He was having one of those days that made life that little bit was. HIs boss was major league pissed off with him for failing to bring that mutant back for him. So he was in solitary in England of all places. He was told to sit there and not talk to anyone.

Of course that became hard, when he came under attack. Thankfully the boss rescued him. But decided he needed more training. So now he found himself looking like Angel, but not the angel Icarus knew. No this one had metal wings and blue skin.
14th-May-2006 05:54 pm(no subject)
Jay- Scowl
Jay fell back as the mutant punched him "But I was sent to-" punch "Help" he groaned as he fell to his knees. He groaned looking at the mutant "okok, I get it can I at least get a-" he yelped as he was thrown back against the wall hard
"Take wings" the mutant giggled
"Oh no no no" Jay said jumping up he flapped his wings and rushed into the sky. Ok, so he was going to have to go back empty handed.
9th-May-2006 08:40 pm - Mission
Jay- Scowl
Icarus walked down the street his wings hidden beneath a coat. Well to say coat is under stating it. It's a designer leather jacket, three quarters length in a red that complimented his hair. He walked down the busy london street, eyes scanning the people that passed for the man his Boss wanted him to find. He'd never been to London before, it was....... weird. Kind of like London but cleaner. He liked it. And he could hear music pumping from ever shop. "Now, if I was a green skinned mutant where would I be?"
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